Post-Conference Schedule

Saturday, September 21, 2024
Come and Build a Pipeline Dashboard!9:00 AMBack Bay D (2nd Floor)

Looking for a dashbaord to use in your office, with your Head, or in Board meetings? Something flashy that updates easily, looks beautiful, but doesn't take a FTE away from the work of your office? Come spend the morning with your colleagues learning some advanced tools and strategies that will allow you to leverage Excel (and, in some cases, GoogleSheets) to build those charts and graphs you've seen in other presentations. This is a working session so we'll start from scratch and build up something for your school over the course of the time together. You'll walk away with new ideas and techniques, a template or two to continue to work on back home, and a newfound love of the power of simple spreadsheets. No need to invest the time or energy into something like Tableau or PowerBI, you can do all you want in Excel! This dashboard will have year-over-year comparisons, display selectors to show grade-level details throughout the pipeline, and will give you the skills to build in more data-slicers and filters as you go (like financial elements, DEI elements, regional elements, and others) to make it even more robust and specific to your community.

Transformative Change Through a DEIJB Lens9:00 AMBack Bay A (2nd Floor)

What systemic change is needed for Independent schools to be the schools of the future? In this session, we will explore the questions enrollment practitioners and administrators need to ask to analyze the state of their schools from mission to marketing, recruitment to retention, and experience to exit. We will explore strategies to embed DEIJB practices into every facet of your school. The session will be led by The Glasgow Group - a Head of School, Assistant Head of School, DEI Directors, Director of Enrollment Management and Financial Aid, and a Dean/Teacher - to model systemic perspectives across the school. The leaders also represent a variety of school types and structures. Attendees should come prepared to explore the inner workings of their own schools, and will leave the session with strategic goals and action steps for systemic change.

Marketing Magic: A-Z Enrollment Strategies9:00 AMBack Bay C (2nd Floor)

Join us for this dynamic workshop designed to revolutionize your approach to enrollment management. In today's rapidly evolving educational landscape, staying ahead requires innovative strategies to drive recruitment and retention. In this immersive A-Z journey, we will explore: 
1) Unleashing the Potential of AI 
2) Navigating the SEO Maze 
3) Fostering a Collaborative Partnership Between Admissions and Marketing 
4) Personalizing the Admissions Process 
5) Mastering Retention Marketing: Crafting an Exceptional Customer Experience 
This comprehensive session will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to transform your enrollment strategies, creating a lasting impact on your institution's success.

SSAT Item Writing Workshop9:00 AMKent (3rd Floor)

"Are you interested in being part of our exam creation process? Are you an educator with a background in English, Latin, or Mathematics? We are recruiting item writers from the Boston area to join our team of Subject Matter Experts who develop items for the Quantitative, Reading, and Verbal sections of the SSAT and would love to meet you! Admission to this workshop is by application and invitation only, no walk ins will be admitted. All participants will be required to complete a non-disclosure agreement, as well as a thorough review of preliminary training materials. Additionally, we expect candidates to complete a brief pre-workshop assignment, which will be reviewed anonymously during the session as a training exercise. All item writing candidates are further asked to remain active item writers for at least one item writing cycle beyond the workshop. Please apply online via the Survey Monkey link below. Direct any questions regarding this workshop to Holli Murphy, Senior Project Manager for the Assessment Development team at Only candidates with the requisite content backgrounds (English, Latin, or Mathematics) will be considered. Accepted candidates will be compensated with a $300 honorarium for workshop attendance and completion of the pre-workshop requirements. Future assignments are compensated competitively. A certificate of attendance will be provided for attendees wishing to utilize this experience for professional development credit as their institution allows."

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