Our exciting Boarding School Recruitment Fairs will start in Beijing & Shanghai and include exceptionally well-qualified families in attendance.  The China Agent Speed-Dating events will have 40+ Agencies represented in each city!  After these four back-to-back events in China, we'll move to Bangkok for a unique day of Professional Development with local international schools, including a networking luncheon and an Agents' event.  Here you'll meet with remarkable Bangkok agents in a more casual style, and can spend as much, or as little time with each of them.   We'll then move to the impressive Boarding School market of Seoul. With more agents and agencies than almost any other Asian market, Seoul remains five times larger than the Vietnam market making it a must-visit on your spring schedule. 

In May, we've added the ever-popular Mexico City Agent market with an all-day agent speed-dating event and luncheon.  It's a series of strategic and important spring recruitment events which are not to be missed.

As a not-for-profit, we  pledge to give you exceptional quality events at the very best pricing. All events are run by professionals who have been in the industry for decades.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I register for EMA's Spring 2024 Recruitment Events?

A. Registration is currently open. You may use this link to view the events' dates, times, and costs before registration.


Q. Do I need to be an EMA Member School to participate?

A. Schools who are not members can join the Enrollment Management Association to be eligible to join the Recruitment Fairs & Agent Speed-dating events. You can find out more information here


Q. Do I receive all student/family contacts from Recruitment Fairs?

A. Yes! In each city where you are registered, you will receive two spreadsheets which contain a.) all students who registered for the even and, b.) all students who attended the event.  These spreadsheets will be sent to you within 48 hours after each event. 


Q. Do I receive all Agent Contacts from the Agent Events? 

Yes! When you log into the Marcom Agent portal, you are granted access to all agents and their contact information in the cities you are registered.  You will have all of this information approximately 3 weeks prior to the event, incase you would to schedule additional meetings with them, and their families, at the hotel or their offices.


Q. How do I pay for the events?

A. When you submit your fair/ agent event registration, you may pay by Credit Card, or opt to send a wire or check. You may also tick to pay a non-refundable deposit, which will hold your place in the events until March 15th, when all balances are due.


Q. Are some cities bundled for Schools to participate?
A. Shanghai & Beijing are bundled (Fair & Agent Fair) for attendance. Registering for both the fair and the agent event is mandatory when attending any of these two cities. The reasoning is that it would be financially difficult for Schools to join for one singular event should one of the two events in a city fill unevenly.


Q. What types of visas should I be obtaining?

A. Since EMA members have passports from numerous countries, please check country regulations based on your passport. Begin the Visa process early, and review regulations specific to your case throughout the months before your arrival. Dr. Mary O'Connor and John Williamson are standing by to help, so feel free to reach out.


Q. When should I arrive in Beijing if I'm doing all of the events?

A. We suggest you arrive at least one full day before each event. Many members will arrive 2 days before their first event to acclimate to the time zone, print last-minute translated brochures, and visit with agents, families, schools, etc.


Q. How early should I arrive at a fair/ event?

A. We suggest setting up your table one hour ahead of the event start time. You should allow 45 minutes to find your table, unpack, ask questions, and ensure you have everything before families or agents enter the venue. We have requested for electricity to be at all tables, as well as access to hotel wi-fi.


Q. Do you recommend any specific airlines?

A.  Most schools want their teams to fly as economically as possible but on recognized international carriers. If you have concerns about a particular airline, please contact John Williamson with any questions or concerns directly via email jwilliamson@enrollment.org.


Q. Do you recommend any ground transport companies?

A. In most of the airports using in-airport desks can obtain a driver for you. You can often book a car/driver through your hotel or find an official taxi queue. 


Q. What is the best way to fly between cities in China?

A. Several reliable carriers have service late and early from Beijing to Shanghai. Some fair members will fly immediately after the fair in Beijing, while others will fly early the next morning to Shanghai.


Q. My school needs are unique. Is there someone I can call/ meet with for additional help?

A. Mary and John are on deck to help you with needs should they arise. Specifically, if you have recruitment & fair questions or want market intel, please contact John Williamson directly at jwilliamson@enrollment.org. Or if you have agent speed dating/Marcom questions, please contact Dr. Mary O'Connor directly at moconnor@enrollment.org. If it's a combo of needs, email them both, they are here to assist you! 


Q. How many materials should I bring?

A. You should count on approximately 250 families at each event in Beijing and Shanghai. You can bring materials for agents you'll meet and send e-brochures to those who have agreed to participate since you will have their contact information.


Q. What grades will the students be entering next Fall?

A. Students could be looking for 6th grade and up. Historically, schools have seen the largest number of rising 9th graders. However, like last year, we ensured the targeting of younger students, as we will have Jr/ Prep schools traveling with the team.


Q. What level of English will the parents/agents speak?

A. Some parents will be fluent, and others will have no English abilities. For this reason, we recommend having a translated one-pager brochure. The same holds true for agents. Though an agent's language skills are usually strong, some newer agents may be solid in basic English skills but may not have the language acumen to grasp complex ideas, ethos, and ideologies. However, newer agents can be beneficial, as they are hungry to place students, patient, compassionate, and go the extra mile.


Q. Why should I have a translated piece of marketing from my school?

A. A translated one-pager is extremely helpful to your families and agents. Remember that choosing a school is a family decision, and it may be the matriarch of the family who heavily influences this decision. Agents will also want to show your translated piece to families, so include it along with your e-brochures. Do you have a translated poster for their offices? Please contact John Williamson or Dr. Mary O'Connor for a professional translating service. One translated page of info. costs approx. $100 USD / $135 CAD / € 92 Euros / £80.


Q. Can I have current families behind my table?

A. You may have as many as 3 representatives staffing your table (this includes your translator). If you're traveling with a friend or family member, unfortunately, they are prohibited from coming to the fair while it's in session.


Q. When will I receive my Marcom/ Agent Event log-in and send scheduling requests?

A. The Marcom system will open approximately three weeks before the events (late-March). It will also close for agents and schools approximately 48 hours before each event.


Q. Is there a Networking Lunch during the Agent Speed-Dating?

A. Yes! You can sit with agents and network during the luncheon, so bring your translated brochures. Also, when conversing with Agents through the Marcom platform, feel free to schedule quick chats during coffee breaks and luncheons. It's another way to see more agents. 


Q. Will EMA offer more fairs in the Fall of 2024?

A. We plan to offer other fairs & agent fairs in other locations, including China, and we are reviewing a few new exploratory markets for our members. Registration will likely be held April 2024. 


Q. Will there be further details on the fairs, events, hotels, etc.?

A. The EMA staff are continually working on details for all events. Notices will be sent to all registrants with updates, best practices, and how to engage in-country before you arrive. Most importantly, there is no need to wait for an update when you have full access to the EMA team. No question is too small, so reach out to us anytime!