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6:00 AM - 7:00 AM PDT

Join us for a relaxing session of yoga to start the conference off right! Space is limited so please come early.

8:00 AM - 9:00 AM PDT
9:00 AM - 9:30 AM PDT
9:30 AM - 10:30 AM PDT
11:00 AM - 11:45 AM PDT

From inquiry to enrollment, our goal was to stay true to our brand; to offer a welcoming, positive experience for our applicant families. Learn how we engaged prospective families from our virtual tours and "interactive" open houses, to our onboarding and "welcome reception in a box" in ways that demonstrated our commitment to everyone's safety. Our assessments were designed to evaluate a child's ability to work collaboratively in a global situation that prevented in-person meetings. We hope to share our realization that nothing is impossible; that an authentic enrollment process CAN be accomplished in other ways.

Jennifer Gunasekera, Stratford Hall, British Columbia

Isabel Sankaran-Wee, Stratford Hall, British Columbia

We admit and enroll students into our schools, but do they always feel accepted? In this session you will be asked to reflect and share ways in which you are inviting all applicants in, evolving your thinking about diversity, equity and inclusion in admission and what you are doing to help students feel accepted once they arrive on-campus. We will offer suggestions for ways to help create partnerships between the Admission and the DEI Office throughout and after the admission process so that all students feel like they belong. How do we develop the skills of interviewing and are we paying attention to what we say in our interviews? How do we help to ensure that our students are actively involved in this important work? Are we intentionally and purposefully seeking out marginalized voices and perspectives? How is our school community being educated? Are spaces being created for conversations? We have all had to evolve our thinking about diversity, equity and inclusion in enrollment management and we invite participants to engage in a dialogue about what they are seeing at their schools and what we are doing to take real action. Hear from a seasoned team who will help strengthen your partnership with your DEI partners in your respective schools.

Elise Morgan, St. Mark's School, MA

Anne Behnke,St. Mark's School,MA

Dr. John Daves,St. Mark's School, MA

Starry Zhu, St. Mark's School, MA

It may sound like a paradox that financial aid can generate new revenue. Still, missing information and documents from parents’ applications can result in missed funds not garnered from families to pay for tuition. Yet, time and resource constraints plus competing admissions priorities can hinder getting these missing pieces from families for their award considerations. For this live case study, it’s starts to unfold as we dive into these and other challenges that Westover faced using financial aid to leverage revenue when moving from a discounted model to a net tuition revenue model. What solution did Westover turn to for help? We'll take a close look at the decision to outsource financial aid folder reviews and its effectiveness in creating a more fair and equitable process and role in reshaping their financial aid program. And the results? Our live case study concludes by examining the successful outcomes of outsourcing, such as re-enrollment revenue increases, reclaimed time to work with families and focus on the admission funnel, and an elevated education program for families to better understand Westover's financial aid program.

David Tuttle, Westover School, CT

Alisa Evans, Mission Enrollment Strategy Solutions, LLC, CA


It's fair to say much has changed for independent schools since 2019. What must we carry forward with us into the future? What should be left behind? Join us for an engaging panel discussion with the leaders of the major national independent school associations.

Heather Hoefle, Executive Director & CEO of The Enrollment Management Association

Sue Cunningham, President & CEO of the Council for Advancement and Support of Education

Mark Mitchell, Vice President of the National Association of Independent Schools

Jeff Shields, President & CEO of the National Business Officers Association

Pete Upham, Executive Director of The Association of Boarding Schools

Join us to hear from a small admission team about how we reimagined our process during the COVID-19 pandemic to maintain a high-touch concierge style admission experience in a virtual world. We will share lessons learned and how to apply the strategies we adopted during a time of rapid change and crisis to better serve our prospective families as the world goes “back to normal,” with the mission of providing a personalized, convenient, transparent, and equitable service to families considering our school. Our goal is to provide tangible takeaways to maximize limited bandwidth and prioritize the needs of an ever-changing market of customers.

Nastaran Hakimi, Boston University Academy, MA

Meg Shannon, Boston University Academy, MA

The COVID-19 experience has shown us the importance of understanding your school's value proposition and the necessity of articulating it. Hone your speech writing skills to craft a simple yet memorable pitch that will not only introduce your school and its unique value propositions but leave your audience wanting to learn more, thereby creating a connection to facilitate future follow-up. The objective of this session is to walk participants through the importance of an elevator pitch and the writing process of creating a succinct pitch that explains what makes your school unique answer for their target audience “why their school".

Felicia Neil, Lakefield College School, Ontario

Creating value at every click in the journey with our constituents. Schools have to adapt quickly and think creatively to create virtual experiences within the enrollment and re-enrollment journey. But the short-term fixes you make today should really be the foundations for better, long-term solutions. Join Finalsite's CoFounder and Chief Evangelist, Rob DiMartino, to discover the digital campus and see what the future of school marketing, admissions, communications, and community building looks like to drive the best engagement with your constituents in their journey.

Rob DiMartino, Finalsite, CT

Considering the future of education and increasing globalization, we look forward to sharing with you how NEOM's Education Sector has been on the leading edge of teaching and learning as it tackles the opening of the "Schools of the Future". Balancing future thinking, international connectivity, and the best practice essential elements of learning, the leadership team taking point on building the school system in a developing city-state looks forward to sharing with you the opportunities that lie abroad.

Christopher Tompkins, NEOM, Tabuk

Pam Mundy, Pam Mundy Associates, Tabuk

Anneke Skidmore, NEOM EC12 Sector, Tabuk

Based on the new children's book, Mirror Face - A Book on Self Love, attendees will engage in an interactive experience centered on the power of self-love in leadership. The target audience will be women and they will learn the importance of "Protecting, Preserving, and Promoting" themselves, others, and those in their schools. Self-love, much like self-care, doesn't happen naturally so this message will motivate women in leadership to practice it, model it, and inspire others to do the same!

Tequila Lamar, Centennial Academy, GA

How does a school turn their diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives from talk to walk? Hear how one PS-8 school moved the needle on diversity, equity, and inclusion practices by implementing new protocols to help move the whole community toward a more authentically inclusive school. New parent expectations, changes to admission requirements and hiring practices, student and faculty training and support, and parent education are just a few of the initiatives that support an effort to best serve the whole school community. Is your school ready to roll up its sleeves and put in the work?

Dayna Hollins, Westside Neighborhood School, CA

Dr. Martinique Starnes, Westside Neighborhood School, CA

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM PDT
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM PDT
3:00 PM - 3:45 PM PDT

Admission officers from Phillips Academy Andover and the Fay School will share the steps they took and continue to take to become more gender-inclusive in their admission processes. With an increase in transgender and non-binary students applying to schools, admission offices need to take a hard look at their processes with respect to gender inclusivity. Inspired by their community's transgender and gender non-conforming students, both schools have made changes to their communication sequences and student admission experiences. Participants in this workshop will come away from this workshop with concrete actionable items to help make their own admission practices more inclusive. The presenters hope to create an honest, open discussion about how to better serve these students.

Holly Treat, The Bertram Group, CT

Jill Thompson, Phillips Academy Andover, MA

Vivien Valenzuela Mallick, Bishop's School, CA

Beth Whitney, Fay School, MA

This presentation will compare and contrast (demystify and simplify) the components and creation of a multi-page EMP with that of a one-page EMP. Tips for getting started and how to engage a team in the creation of enrolment management planning will be introduced, along with practical templates.

David Darby, Lakefield College School, ON

If tuition revenue accounts for 75% or more of your operating budget, you want to make sure your relationship with your counterpart in the ​Business office is rock solid. No two people on campus care about those enrollment targets more than you both do...ok, maybe your Head of School! The partnership between ​CFO and enrollment manager is critical to the overall sustainability of your school—you’ll go much farther if you’re pulling in the same direction. How do you support one another to achieve your mutual goals? In what ways can your offices collaborate to successfully meet strategic enrollment AND budget goals? In this session, we will talk with current Directors working closely with their CFOs and discuss different approaches for coming together to strengthen (or start!) the relationship in ways that benefit both of your offices.

Kate Auger-Campbell, SchoolAdmin (Now part of Finalsite), TX

Kristen Mariotti,Emma Willard School, NY

Lisa Pelrine, Chapel Hill Chauncy Hall, MA

Enrollment directors have a unique internal/external perch and understanding of the entire institutional experience. Learn how three veteran enrollment leaders moved their complex K-12 day schools towards thinking more strategically during and after COVID-19. How did we leverage our positions to help our school community move from admission to strategic enrollment management to strategic planning? At a time when most administrative teams were mired with safety protocols, schedules, and learning models, we pushed our institutions to think beyond the horizon. We used lessons learned from the pandemic, refined our strategic plans, and added additional administrative bandwidth. This panel discussion will share how we brought value beyond our admission roles and leveraged this work to support our own professional growth.

Victoria Muradi, Durham Academy, NC

Polly Fredlund, The Bush School, WA

Christian Donovan, Head-Royce School, CA

Success in enrollment management is the cumulative impact of many small things. While COVID-19 affected our enrollment process, many things before, during and after are here to stay. Join us to learn 22 things that continue to drive results including leveraging technology to focus on relationships and increase accessibility and driving message through brand to meet enrollment goals sooner.

Dawn Hopke, Flint Hill School, VA

Jennifer Webb, Flint Hill School, VA

Sarah Burnett, Flint Hill School, VA

Taking stock of your tuition strategy requires an intentional approach driven by your school’s mission, resources, and market realities. The pandemic environment has exacerbated dynamics around affordability and value that have been at play in many schools since the 2008 recession (or before). If these shifting market forces are causing you to rethink your current pricing approach, join this discussion to explore a decision-making process your leadership team or board can follow to identify an effective pathway forward.

Mark J Mitchell, National Association of Independent Schools, DC

The way that schools communicate with prospective families has completely changed in the past eighteen months. In many cases, we saw families make enrollment decisions without ever spending time on campus or meeting members of the school community in person. In this session, you will hear from Brennan Stark, founder of PeerPal, about how schools are adapting to an increasingly virtual school discovery process and enabling members of their community to lead their follow up initiatives with leads and applicants. Note: I will either choose to include school co-presenters to present case studies or will walk through case studies on my own.

Brennan Stark, PeerPal, DE

Even during these unsettling times, independent schools are making bold moves and exploring expansion, reconfigurations, and mergers/acquisitions to strategically build and sustain enrollment. Join us for a discussion of the benefits and potential pitfalls of these proactive strategies, hear real-world case studies, and learn new enrollment-building game plans to take back to your school leadership. Bring your outside-the-box ideas to share!

Chad Tew, LearnCollab, CA

Scott McLarty, Providence High School, CA

Dana Nelson-Isaacs, DNI Consulting, CA

4:15 PM - 5:00 PM PDT

All schools dream of creating a ‘Superhero’ experience for future families right? Yes exactly! In the Covid world, we know that managing and engaging your prospect pipeline is critical. Join a panel of experts for this interactive ‘Master Class’ featuring some of the best in the business: Lisa Franzino CEO of the amazing virtual tour design company Circlescapes; Brennan Stark CEO of PeerPal - one of the best parent ambassador programs in the country; and Antony Campitelli CEO of Enquiry Tracker - the ultimate way to end those inquiry spreadsheets & deliver amazing analytics. The panel will walk you through the ultimate inquiry-to-enrollment journey which brings together three best-in-class approaches into one combined extraordinary experience. Grab a hot coffee and join us for this one event you don’t want to miss!

Gregory Campitelli, Enquiry Tracker, VIC

Antony Campitelli, Enquiry Tracker, CA

Lisa Franzino, Circlescapes, FL

Brennan Stark, PeerPal

Applications are made up of many pieces that come from different voices - rec letters from teachers, observation notes from visit days, feedback from interviewers, application summaries from readers, and more! Each of these writings summarizes the author's perspective on an applicant. While each author offers a unique perspective on the applicant, they also have their own biases and share those with readers in the ways they write about students. In this session, we will help admissions professionals learn to complete forms, assessments, and write-ups in a way that minimizes the author's bias and sets readers up for an impartial review of an applicant. Rooted in the Kira Talent “Nine Forms of Bias in Admissions'' this session is a part of anti-bias training by taking a deeper dive into the nooks and crannies of the written application pieces. This session is one of two that will cover anti-bias tactics in admissions! We encourage you to attend our colleagues' session “What’s My Bias? Using Anti-Bias Training for Admissions Reading Committees to Mitigate Bias and Bolster Equity in the Admissions Process” which will be an extension of anti-bias practices in admissions from the lens of an application reader.

Alexandra Halladay, Seattle Academy of Arts and Sciences, WA

Sarah Meteyer, Friends School of Baltimore, MD

When faced with no on-campus applicant visits, Presbyterian School pivoted to a unique type of applicant evaluation that not only gave us more information about candidates but gave us THE information we have always wanted but could not get with the traditional process. In addition, the new visits led to an increase in yield and served as a marketing tool. At PS we have a class called Think. Make. Talk where students explore concepts with the mindset that it is through failure that we learn even more! Students think and collaborate, create and collaborate again and learn as they go. We applied this paradigm to our admission visits by sending each applicant a Think.Make.Talk activity that required that they create something and share the product and their ideas through video. Each activity was age-appropriate and was designed to help us delve into the strengths of each applicant and assess the gifts they had to offer. The plus was that prospective families loved learning more about Think.Make.Talk and the way it works for us at PS. Yield and application numbers were amazing, and we are more confident than ever that we cultivated a mission-appropriate group of new families!

Kristin Brown, Presbyterian School, TX

Mark, Presbyterian School, TX

Is your school having an identity crisis? Are you battling misconceptions in the market? Do you feel like your school is a “best kept secret” that you would prefer wasn’t such a secret? If your marketing seems to be missing the mark, you’re not alone. Come to this interactive session ready to: share your challenges (and to hear the challenges others are experiencing); receive real-time feedback and ideas from your session presenter (and your peers!); and leave inspired to tackle your brand obstacles with new ideas, new perspectives, and new techniques.

Lisa Leidy, Square Spot Design, NH

Understand the ability of DEI work to amplify mission and brand in the changing landscape. Build your leadership competency to be a champion for your organization.

Nicole A. DuFauchard, The Advent School, MA

Lecolion Washington, The Community Music Center of Boston, MA

Admissions professionals often struggle to have their voices carry appropriate weight among other senior leaders and the Board of Trustees, despite tuition revenue providing the overwhelming financial capacity at most independent schools. The most accomplished admission and enrollment management officers know how to both be a team member and lead others. These professionals are adept at using multiple forms of formal and informal leadership strategies to be successful. This interactive session will address that need by exploring two key tools in the leadership toolbox: managing up and organizational savvy. Understanding when and how to use these tools greatly increases an admission officer’s ability to benefit the school with their wisdom, insight, and perspective. During this session, participants will be introduced to key organizational dynamics concepts and will be asked to put their learning into practice by preparing for tangible steps they can take when returning to school.

Ari Betof, Mission & Data, PA

Anne Marie Balzano, Mission & Data, NM

By looking at the St. Paul’s School's recent branding process, participants will learn tips, tricks, and steps taken to lead a school through a branding process that can unify your brand, message, and campus. St. Paul’s had no brand message, unified athletic logos, or school-wide usage guidelines until this past year when the admission and athletic departments spearheaded this initiative. Learn about what stakeholders to involve, timeline to use, learn things to avoid, and have an open discussion about overall school marketing with workshop participants. Many schools have this guideline and logo usage already set. If your school is in need of Branding help, come learn how the admission team can lead this school-wide process.

Christopher Smith, St. Paul's School, NH

As an Admissions Director who identifies as a woman of color, and also teaches science, "What’s My Bias?" is a question I’ve asked myself following every reading committee meeting. We carry our own innate biases based on our identifiers, interests, and what we deem important academically. Reading Committees often unknowingly make decisions based on affiliations and preferences. This can manifest in acceptances for students who were, either strong mathematicians, athletes, test takers, etc. A standard in the Admissions process to read files based on “the whole child”, must be set. Using the resources of Kira Tenant’s article “9 forms of Bias in Admissions”, and the book "Blindspot”, by Dr. Mahzarin Banaji and Anthony Greenwald as resources, and developing a reading rubric that paid full attention to all aspects of the applicant’s file, a more equitable reading process was established. During this session, we hope to help other admission teams by modeling anti-bias training sessions and implement or revamp admissions rubrics for their reading committees. Attendees will engage in a group activity that will help them reflect on their reading protocols, conduct an equity audit, participate in difficult conversations surrounding bias, and name their biases in the Admission process. This session is the second part of two workshops establishing anti-bias protocols in admissions! We encourage you to attend our colleagues' prologue session “Anti-Bias in Practice: Interviews, Observations, and Write-Ups - oh my!” which will address deciphering bias in written application documents.

Vanessa C. Prescott, The Berkeley Carroll School, NY

Renée M. Chung, The Spence School, NY

5:00 PM - 6:30 PM PDT
6:00 AM - 7:00 AM PDT

Join us for a relaxing session of yoga to start the conference off right! Space is limited so please come early.

8:00 AM - 9:00 AM PDT
9:00 AM - 9:30 AM PDT
9:30 AM - 10:30 AM PDT
11:00 AM - 11:45 AM PDT

Last spring, during a time of true uncertainty, an idea was born among friends to elevate the boarding school conversation. We set aside the elevator pitch about our individual schools and embraced the mantra that “rising tides lift all boats”. As graduates ourselves, we joined forces to virtually engage with families (touching well over one thousand) to share passionately the lifelong value proposition of a boarding school education. More importantly, through this work together, we learned to lean on each other when we had questions but no answers. We scrimmaged social justice and the state of our world, enrollment challenges, work/life balance, and everything in between. In Seattle, we are excited to host a panel that encourages more teamwork and partnership within our industry. Following a survey of colleagues, we will touch upon hot topics with ample opportunity for group discussion and audience participation, all with the hope of encouraging more connections and collaboration moving forward. Whether you are brand new to the world of enrollment management or a seasoned veteran, please join us for this interactive session.

Dana Anselmi, Berkshire School, MA

JP Burlington, Millbrook School, NY

Will Richardson, The Richardson Advisory Group

Sean Atkins, Suffield Academy, CT

Shanique Garcia, The Taft School, CT

Over the past six years, St. Andrew's Episcopal School in Potomac, MD has (intentionally) grown enrollment by over 100 students. What has been the secret of the school's success? Come learn more from this school case study and share your own ideas in this interactive workshop.

Lisa Shambaugh, St. Andrew's Episcopal School, MD

Danielle Collins, St. Andrew's Episcopal School, MD

Creating greater emotional resiliency in adolescent boys with a fresh dialogue surrounding behaviors and mentalities linked to traditional male gender identity. In this exploration, we will unpack the intersectionality of masculinity with racism, vulnerability, violence and mental health.

Francis Donald, The Bishop's School, CA

As enrollment marketing professionals transition from the past year of challenges and uncertainty to a new year of hope, growth, and opportunity, this engaging session will provide participants with the skills and tools to rebuild and implement their own school's strategic enrollment marketing plan.

Sharon Gaudreau, The Williams School, CT

Wondering how to encourage collaboration amongst schools in your area - even in a competitive market? Come learn about what worked and what didn’t as the robust 60+ school Los Angeles consortium reorganized, pivoted, and honed in on three areas of focus this past year: virtual events, accessibility, and professional development.

Amy Walia-Fazio, Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences, CA

Oscar Cancio, Viewpoint School, WA

Jeanette WooChitjian, Marlborough School

Aaron Mieszczanski

Carinne Barker, St. Matthew's Parish School

Learn how Tabor Academy developed a successful multimedia enrollment initiative to fully enroll the school, despite the challenges of COVID preventing families from coming to campus. Start with a case study: We’ll walk you through the strategy behind our goal of embracing video and developing a Netflix-inspired video streaming service to create a multimedia cinematic acceptance experience. Discover the balance of how marketing and admission teams partnered to create successful initiatives that supported the work that each brought to the table and ultimately helped fully enroll our school. Hear from veteran school marketing and admission professionals on strategies for success that turned an acceptance season project into a full-time recruitment and marketing tool. End with a workshop: Make better videos, both in-house and externally. Videos don’t have to be expensive professional productions in order to look like them. Learn tips and tricks from Tabor’s own professional videographer on how to make a basic video look like a quality production as he helps both the novice and the advanced videographer. Working with a vendor? Learn valuable strategies to make the most of your project. Working with colleagues? Learn how to best work together to make collaboration smooth and productive.

Stacy Jagodowski, Tabor Academy, MA

Gary Lawrence, Tabor Academy, MA

Laura Burgess, Tabor Academy, MA

In admissions, we often get so caught up in the process of the funnel that we can lose track of the individuals with whom we interact. As reliance on international admission increases, we must look at how we interact with students, agents, consultants, and families from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Our ability to show understanding and a humble, listening ear give us an opportunity to honor all with whom we cross paths and increase our personal touchpoints as we go through the admission funnel. In this session, we will look at the importance of names in various cultures, phonetic variables, how children are given names in multiple cultural settings, and where and when we can ask about how one would like to be called/identified.

Melissa Bacon, Newman School, MA

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM PDT
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM PDT
2:15 PM - 3:00 PM PDT

Telling our school’s story is essential to the recruitment and enrollment process. Effective storytelling can serve to reaffirm current families’ decision to send their children to our school and engage prospective families who are exploring admission. At Browning, our admission and communications teams work closely to ensure that our school’s mission and values are shared in effective and exciting ways. From short-term ideas (such as event-planning, video productions, or content for the website) to developing long-term strategic projects (including a rebranding endeavor, an overhaul of the website, and utilizing digital marketing tools), learn how to create a partnership between admission and communications that will be a match made in enrollment heaven.

Janetta Lien, The Browning School, NY

Kelly West, The Browning School, NY

Jan Abernathy, The Browning School, NY

Engage in a hands-on simulation in this session. Learn how the team at Western Reserve Academy collaborates to use need-based financial aid and merit scholarships as strategic enrollment management tools.

Jenni Biehn, Western Reserve Academy, OH

Thomas Adams-Wall, Western Reserve Academy, OH

Jennifer Corby, Western Reserve Academy, OH

Join two directors of admission as they share their journey of mentorship, collaboration, and self-care in the time of Covid. Realizing that an alignment of the values and principles of their School would only benefit both of their admission offices, the directors of elementary and secondary admission at Crossroads School reframed their prospect to enroll funnels with an eye toward K-12 collaboration, alignment, and shared core values. Learn how they made their larger team of 10 admission professionals more collaborative and created mentorship and self-care opportunities for themselves and their teammates.

Amy Walia-Fazio, Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences, CA

Jessica Ngo, Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences, CA

There is an emerging generation that will soon outnumber the Baby Boomers. By the time they all have been born (2025), they will be the largest generation in history. Many of them will live to see the 22nd century. We are talking about the Alpha Generation - children born since 2010. They are growing up with smart-everything and already shape their parents' purchasing decisions. Before schools can engage them, we must understand them. And, the ways marketing and communications are shifting with their arrival. Learn from Pine Crest School's future-thinking model and get tips to attract this fully digitized generation's attention.

Simon Noakes, Interactive Schools, Bucks

Jillian Conway, Pine Crest School, FL

In recent years, many schools have charged their admissions teams with increasing the enrollment of mission-aligned Students of Color. Unfortunately, many institutions have tried unsuccessfully to achieve their diversity goals while embracing old habits and techniques. In this presentation, I will share the myths and misconceptions that often limit diversity in schools and the truths and strategies that helped McCallie School triple the enrollment of outstanding African American boys from saturated independent school markets.

Troy F Kemp, Ron Clark Academy, GA

Do you find too much of your critical admissions data trapped in static spreadsheets or shared through one-off slide decks? You don’t need to be a data scientist to break free and lead your team into experimenting with powerful and accessible data visualizations. Leverage your current Excel data sets to create and share web-based, interactive, and responsive data visuals with the Microsoft Power BI data visualization platform. Explore dynamic visuals -- maps, combination charts, responsive graphs, and connected tables. Then use Power BI data filters and slicers within visuals to analyze your data across time variants and multiple application fields -- grade levels, races/ethnicities, zip codes, sending schools, and more. All in real time. Power BI is intuitive, interactive, and creates natural intersections with Marketing and Communications teams to collaborate, strategize, and strengthen data-informed decision making. OBJECTIVES -See the real-time advantages of creating frictionless, interactive data visuals. -Use Power BI to identify target marketing opportunities and improve diversity engagement. -Explore different types of Microsoft Power BI data visuals. -Experiment with Microsoft Power BI visuals, data filters, and slicers in real time. -Learn how to prepare your current Excel data to connect with Power BI.

Brian Jarvis, Norfolk Academy, VA

Ambassadors are supposed to help the admission office welcome families into your school community and provide positive and authentic interactions. How do you re-think the program if it no longer serves that purpose, and how do you elevate and reward the students who are eager to help you accomplish your goals?

Laura Arenstein, Marymount High School, CA


3:30 PM - 4:15 PM PDT

Year in and year out, The Thacher School has an exceptionally high admission yield; however, a few years ago, we took a close look at the students we were losing to other schools. Two things stood out, many students were interviewing off-campus or via Skype, and often the students were choosing to go to school much closer to home. Additionally, we noticed that these students were disproportionately students of color. Find out how we flipped the script and used the College Fly-In model to begin a Fly-In program at The Thacher School.

AJ Yates, The Thacher School, CA

What happens when a neighboring school announces it will be closing? In the spring of 2019, the Kildonan Board of Directors announced they would be closing their school. Marvelwood Board reached out to see how we may be able to assist them. The boards came together and created a plan for which Kildonan Services - Kildonan Teachers Traning, Camp Dunnabeck, and Kildonan Alumni have a home. Marvelwood now offers a remedial Orton Gillingham program. Hear how this partnership was created, how it benefits both institutions, and what the future holds.

Maureen Smith, Marvelwood School, CT

Over the past few years, audiences have developed liquid expectations of customer experiences, with comparison seeping from one industry to the next. Smart schools look beyond the standards of the education community to find inspiration and innovation for outreach practices in other fields. We’re not saying that the open house is dead, but what other opportunities might your admissions team take to expand your reach and create deep engagement with prospective families at the top of the funnel? In this breakout session, participants will: - Expand their understanding of meaningful outreach practices - Use their knowledge of their unique value proposition and target audience to brainstorm creative outreach opportunities for their school - Consider opportunities for increased inclusion, accessibility and meeting diverse audiences - Leave with ideas for bringing their school’s brand to life, both online and in-person.

Chelsea Slaven-Davis, Cedarwood Waldorf School, OR

Erin Cooley, Cedarwood Waldorf School, OR

Return to normal? No way! Learn how to move forward with a hybrid Open House. For many of us, our last admission cycle was 100% virtual. Zoom became our right-hand man and Open House morphed into a multi-event virtual series. Virtual events yielded high participation rates and we expect this statistic to stay high as more families are looking to explore schools without as much commitment. We will examine what events were the most successful, how they were created, and how we will incorporate them into our in-person event schedule. You will walk away with concrete ideas on creating your own hybrid event that meet the needs of your prospective families.

Stephanie Hill, Santa Catalina School, CA

Sarah Kline, Santa Catalina School, CA

This session is in collaboration with Vanessa C. Prescott, Director of Admissions for Middle and Upper School at the Berkeley Carroll School. In the past few years, Vanessa and I have both created and administered a rating/rubric system for applications across three different schools. During this session, we hope to support other admission offices in developing a rubric or rating system that evaluates candidates for qualities that are uniquely important to their school. By having a rating system that is specific to our school communities we can create communities of learners that are mission-aligned. Rating systems also help to effectively minimize bias in the reading process. This would help all readers know what aspects of a student’s application matter the most to our school community when evaluating applicants' materials. Most significantly, rating systems can help minimize reader bias in committees by creating a rubric to help them in making their decisions. Implementing a rubric/rating system will ensure that all aspects of the file are read with care and consideration. Our session will cover the value of rating systems, their use in reading/committee, how to create a school-specific rating system, and how to analyze data in rating systems for further information about yield and individual readers' biases.

Alexandra Halladay, Seattle Academy of Arts and Sciences, WA

Vanessa Prescott, Berkeley Carroll, NY

Even prior to the onset of COVID-19, the independent school world was grappling with the shrinking population of school-aged children, widening wealth gap, tuition increases outpacing inflation, growth in low and no-cost options, and millennial parent mentality. For many private schools, the pandemic offered a much-needed respite from the shifting landscape by boosting enrollment as public school families flocked to private schools for the ability to have in-person education. However, now that the pandemic is subsiding, how can we adjust the 4 Ps of our marketing strategy for long-term success? This informative and interactive session will explore the post-pandemic customer and how to address their needs through the 4 Ps of marketing: * Product: Although many new families may have initially sought out private schools for “being open,” we must seize this opportunity to identify our unique value proposition. * Place: Now that we have lived in a virtual admissions world for a year, what worked well that we want to keep? * Promotion: Traditional advertising, move aside. It’s all about word of mouth. * Price: It is more important than ever to place emphasis on value. After all, our customer is comparing us with “free.”

Nija Meyer, Woodward Academy, GA

Senior leaders are called upon to make an argument and tell a story—at board meetings, among faculty and staff, and with volunteers. Telling these complex stories and ensuring our audience is engaged and activated demands a careful look at how we learn and process data. Drawing on research in data visualization and visual thinking, this session shows how to harness our visual system to educate, inform, and define the key trends facing your institution. Participants will learn how to present ideas in ways that are clear and inspire action.

Josh Labove, Wayland Academy, WI

6:00 AM - 7:00 AM PDT

Join us for a relaxing session of yoga to start the conference off right! Space is limited so please come early.

8:00 AM - 9:00 AM PDT
9:00 AM - 9:30 AM PDT
9:45 AM - 10:30 AM PDT
11:00 AM - 11:45 AM PDT
11:45 AM - 12:15 PM PDT