From Big Box to Boutique: The New Admissions Event
Date & Time
Thursday, September 14, 2023, 2:45 PM - 3:45 PM
Ever wonder how to create a more personalized, inclusive admissions event? Today’s families are more discerning, looking for a personal touch when making admission decisions for their children. In this session, you will scale down the old-fashioned open house into a series of intimate VIP, invitation-only events for your prospective families, where you capture their information and interest before they even set foot on campus. The result? Higher application and yield rates. From beginning to end - marketing the event beforehand, obtaining buy-in from faculty and staff, and personalized follow-up with families - we will provide guidance on rethinking your admissions calendar. We’ll workshop how to scale down your larger events to give a more intimate and effective experience. This will include marketing strategies on how to duplicate the event throughout the admissions season.
Location Name
Veranda C
Full Address
Red Rock Resort
11011 W Charleston Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89135
United States
Early Career, Mid Career, Advanced Career, Boarding Schools, Day Schools, International Schools, Family Engagement and Retention, Marketing and Recruitment of New Families