About the Event

There are many effective predictors of subsequent student success in the admission process but traditional interviews can be less valid and more prone to bias. In this workshop, we will discuss methods for reducing bias in the admission process including basic steps in building better interview questions and rating scales, best practices for assessment, and file reading. Practical implementation challenges will be discussed and next steps for improving the interview and overall admissions process will be outlined.

Featured Speaker

Nathan Kuncel

Marvin D. Dunnette Distinguished Professor
University of Minnesota

Nathan R. Kuncel is the Marvin D. Dunnette Distinguished Professor of Industrial-Organizational Psychology and a McKnight Presidential Fellow at the University of Minnesota where he also earned his doctorate in Industrial-Organizational Psychology. Nathan’s research focuses on how individual characteristics such as intelligence, personality, and interests influence subsequent work, academic, and life success as well as efforts to model and measure success. His staffing research focuses on the predictive power of different characteristics, effective measurement of cognitive and non-cognitive characteristics, and the effects of decision making on the utility of hiring and admissions decisions.


This course will be a hybrid online course including two live Zoom calls as well as on-demand learning participants will have access to after the program. More details and a course outline will follow after registration. 

Live sessions will be July 14 & 16

2pm - 3:30pm ET each day

Registration and Pricing

$275 USD for EMA Members
$375 USD for Non-EMA Members

Questions? Please reach out to Jennifer Davis at jdavis@enrollment.org