New Best Practices for Holistic Assessment as Required SSATs Creep Back
Date & Time
Thursday, September 19, 2024, 10:30 AM
Don McMillan

What’s the best way to evaluate mission-appropriate candidates in 2024-2025? How can we further tweak assessment methods we suddenly adopted during COVID? For interviews, how do we best leverage Zoom, rubrics and soft scripts? And what’s the best way to evaluate writing in this new AI universe? Should your school bring back the SSAT or ISEE, and if so, how does “The Test” fit into the broader picture of assessment? How can lower and middle school “structured task” assessments be imported for use with older students to assemble a diverse set of learners? Join a discussion responding to questions regarding current best practices for holistic assessment led by a geographically diverse panel of independent school Admissions Deans representing day and boarding schools - those who’ve stayed test optional and those who’ve brought back the SSAT - as well a Dean of one of the last Ivy League test optional holdouts who will share lessons from Higher Education’s current state of assessment as the SAT and ACT make their own comeback.

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Constitution A (2nd Floor)
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Sheraton Boston Hotel
39 Dalton Street
Boston, MA 02199
United States
Early Career, Advanced Career, Boarding Schools, Day Schools, Selection and Onboarding of New Families
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Concurrent Session (1 Hour)