Equity-Driven Enrollment: Journey Towards Fostering Inclusive Practices
Date & Time
Friday, September 20, 2024, 2:45 PM
Priyanka Rupani

Join Priyanka Rupani, Assistant Principal, Erika Prahl, Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging, and Jessy Trejo, Director of Enrollment and Financial Assistance as they share insights from Francis W. Parker School's journey towards creating an equitable and inclusive enrollment process. As educational leaders, we understand the pivotal role enrollment plays in shaping a diverse and vibrant school community. In this session, we will explore the intersection of enrollment management, financial assistance, and partnerships with academic leadership through a lens of equity. We'll explore: Collaboration between Enrollment and Academic Leadership: Explore the benefits and challenges of fostering collaboration between enrollment management and academic leadership. Discover how a cohesive partnership between these two departments can contribute to a more holistic and inclusive educational experience. Inclusive Enrollment Practices: Discover practical strategies for designing enrollment processes that prioritize inclusivity and equity. From application through matriculation, we'll share insights on fostering an environment that welcomes students from various backgrounds and experiences. Strategic Partnerships for Outreach and Access: Learn about Parker’s partnerships with community organizations, schools, and local initiatives to increase access to quality education. Collaborative efforts that foster inclusivity and bridge gaps in enrollment.

Location Name
Back Bay D (2nd Floor)
Full Address
Sheraton Boston Hotel
39 Dalton Street
Boston, MA 02199
United States
Day Schools, DEI, Institutional Strategy, Culture and Belonging, Selection and Onboarding of New Families
Annual Conference Session Type
Concurrent Session (1 Hour)