Full Name
Jenny Karubian
Job Title
Ready to Launch Research
Speaker Bio

Jenny Karubian is the CEO of Ready to Launch Research, a boutique agency in Los Angeles. Her primary expertise is in qualitative research, with a focus on ethnography, moderating, and online community management. Jenny was an early adopter of online qualitative research. She has expertise in all forms of online qual, including:
Moderating Online Focus Groups
Designing, moderating, and executing online communities
Moderating discussion boards
Telephone focus groups and interviews

The verticals she serves at Ready to Launch Research include: advertising, consumer packaged goods, beauty, cosmetics, automotive, mobile and smart home technology, restaurant, pharmaceutical, travel, tourism, leisure, sporting goods, cannabis, tobacco, vapor, non-profit, sporting goods, entertainment, appliances, business to business, e-commerce and more. With a strong background in medical anthropology, Jenny conducts patient and physician interviews. She is CITI Certified and trained in HIPAA requirements for patient confidentiality.