Redefining and Measuring Excellence
Date & Time
Wednesday, September 13, 2023, 10:15 AM - 11:15 AM
Redefining and Measuring Excellence: A Rebrand on Student Success. The story of how a clarification of Pingry's identity not only attracts and enrolls values-aligned students but led to the creation of an “Student Success Score” that tracks what we used to consider unquantifiable metrics. Market perceptions were not aligned with the reality of the Pingry experience. The one-dimensional "pressure cooker" reputation was incomplete and problematic. Pingry engaged in extensive research to fully understand the reputation that persists and the reality of what actually exists. Out of this, we emerged with a clarification of our distinct position in the market and a list of the ideas most central to who we are; articulations that are both authentic and aspirational. This messaging, brought to life through a suite of marketing materials, seeks to push school in a new strategic direction, expand our appeal, catch the attention of values-aligned families, and ultimately enroll students who will truly enrich our community. In an effort to gauge their success in yielding the best possible students who will thrive at Pingry, the Office of Enrollment management is launching a data tracking tool called an Impact Score. This tool seeks to track student performance over the course of their career at Pingry, and will allow us to compare the effectiveness and biases of the Admissions Committee Rubric as it predicts future performance as a member of the Pingry student population. Join us as we discuss the benefits of an institution knowing oneself and being able to articulate it clearly in an effort to recruit and build the best possible classes of students at each grade level. And it doesn’t stop there - we will dive into how we collect, store, and leverage data to understand and support our students in getting the most out of their Pingry experience, which in turn enriches our community.
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Boarding Schools, Day Schools, Mission and Brand, Institutional Strategy, Culture and Belonging, Family Engagement and Retention, Marketing and Recruitment of New Families, Selection and Onboarding of New Families