Generational Marketing: Messaging that Resonates
Date & Time
Thursday, September 14, 2023, 2:45 PM - 3:45 PM

For independent schools, targeted marketing is an essential tool for achieving enrollment success. It is imperative that schools can identify and reach those families and students who may be mission fit for the institution (Flannery, 2021; Koku, 2022). One way to reach a target market is to identify common traits or different segmentations between different groups based on life stages and demographic backgrounds. Segmentation allows independent schools to demonstrate their value propositions in ways that resonate effectively within each segment. Creating market segmentations or buyer personas may be challenging or overwhelming for new admissions teams. However, one marketing segmentation that all admissions teams have experience with is segmentation based on generational differences. Marketing to these generational differences is known as Generational Marketing, which seeks to understand and leverage the unique characteristics among the different generational groups. As admissions personnel, we work daily with families representing Generation Alpha through the Silent Generation. For example, the parents/guardians may begin the admissions journey by identifying schools that might be a good fit for the student and family, but the student might decide which school to attend. This distinction represents how different generational segments are incorporated into the school selection process. With this in mind, it is essential for admissions teams to consider how admissions and marketing messaging is being relayed and received among the different generational groups. When admissions teams are aware of these generational differences they are “more conscious of and responsive to their customers’ needs and behaviors." Therefore the presentation will focus on market segmentation through the lens of Generational Marketing. The presentation will provide a comprehensive understanding of and importance of Generational Marketing, how to start leveraging this segmentation into all aspects of admissions marketing and communication, and how to create tailored messaging that leans into the different generational segmentations. 

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Early Career, Mid Career, Day Schools, Marketing and Recruitment of New Families