Your School 101: Creating a Curated Multimedia Course for Prospective Families
Date & Time
Friday, September 16, 2022, 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM

My colleagues and I will present Paideia 101—our in-depth, curated, multimedia online course for exploring all things Paideia. EMA’s online courses during COVID were inspirational and tipped us toward using Thinkific to develop our own course, designed to give prospective parents and students a deep dive into our school and culture at a time when they could not be physically present on our campus. It’s been such a success that we plan to keep it going! We will describe the successes and challenges of getting the course published in two months while working remotely during COVID, along with our efforts to continue to revise and improve our course content. We will complete a brainstorming activity with participants and share ideas and software programs that may integrate well with the Thinkific platform we used. This session will motivate and empower admission offices to create their own multimedia course to frame information gathering around the admissions process and school events. We will present an opportunity to tailor how prospective families learn about the school throughout the admissions process. Create an account to explore it for yourself—

JoJo Cadray, The Paideia School (GA)

Liz DeSimone, The Paideia School (GA)

Becki Veal, The Paideia School (GA)

Location Name
Palazzo E
, Boarding Schools, Day Schools