Marketing, Admission, Development: Make the Collaboration Work!
Date & Time
Friday, September 16, 2022, 2:15 PM - 3:15 PM

Most schools have the departments of marketing, admissions, and development as separate entities. However, there is value in one advancement umbrella with the "fab three" of marketing, admissions, and development collaborating around a school's mission, strategy, and message. This session highlights the importance of collaboration between all three aspects of advancement in today's independent school environment. From identifying your school’s niche to researching your target audience and your direct (and indirect) competitors, schools would need to find the balance of communicating their mission while adapting to the needs of their market. In the admissions process, engagement is the key. Communications should never end with a submitted application. Get to know your prospective families. This will lead you to admit mission-appropriate students and families that are fundamental to your school’s growth and development.

Isabel Sankaran-Wee, Stratford Hall (BC)

Aldrich Tan, Stratford Hall (BC)

Location Name
Palazzo C
Session Type
Beginner, Day Schools, Recruitment & Selection of New Students