More Than Click Through Rates: How Schools Can Gauge Metrics for Each Stage of the Enrollment Funnel
Date & Time
Friday, September 16, 2022, 2:15 PM - 3:15 PM

Many schools have realized the generation of parents today is found online and have made investments in finding and advertising their unique programs with in-house staff or, in some lucky cases, hiring an outside digital vendor. In either case, the metrics to gauge success can be overwhelming. Learning the definitions of CTR, CPC, CPM, SERP, etc., is a daunting task by itself, but what do these data points tell us about how a digital campaign is actually performing? In this session, we will break down which metrics are relevant to gauge success at each stage of the family’s journey and what this data tells us about the overall effectiveness of your efforts. Join us and leave with insights that will help boost your digital campaign results and make you a digital marketing rockstar for your future meetings with your head of school and boards.

Jesse Meadow, Schoolcraft Digital (FL)

Location Name
Palazzo A
Session Type
Beginner, Boarding Schools, Day Schools, Recruitment & Selection of New Students, Educational Program & School Brand, Market Research & Strategy