Rewriting Your Brand With Strategic Planning
Date & Time
Friday, September 16, 2022, 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM

Garden School, like many schools in saturated markets, had to face the fact that our tuition placed us at the upper edge of what our community was willing to sacrifice for an education. Even though we are technically a low tuition school for the NYC area, we needed to make sweeping moves to remind our market that we are here, that we have a visionary plan for the future, and that we are not just worth the tuition but actually are a great deal. Building on the momentum of a new head starting and galvanizing a captive audience during COVID, we rewrote our brand through collective, collaborative, and highly inclusive strategic planning. This enabled us to reflect all that our community was hoping for, to be very intentional about rebranding, and to remind everyone what a gift a Garden education was going to be for years to come.

Christopher Herman, Garden School (NY)

Kat Sullivan, Garden School (NY)

Location Name
Mediterranean 1-3
Session Type
All Levels, Day Schools, Recruitment & Selection of New Students, Tuition & Financial Strategy, Educational Program & School Brand, Retention of Current Students, Market Research & Strategy