Dream School or Pipe Dream? Understanding, Educating, and Supporting International Families in the Secondary School Process
Date & Time
Thursday, September 15, 2022, 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

International student enrollment is vital to the sustainability of boarding schools, but both understanding and accessing appropriate schools in North America continues to be a complicated process for international families. Many families bring to the process a heightened expectation of placement, combined with a limited understanding of the competitive landscape of secondary schools. The job of the secondary school counselor in helping guide families (and most importantly, our applicants) through this process is vital and, when done well, can set the student up for many years of success. In this talk, we will share our experiences, explore the challenges inherent in helping international students target and choose their secondary school and the roles that various stakeholders play in the process (counselor, educational consultant, parents, admission office, and student), and reflect on various ways that our applicants have encountered success and failure.

Josh Pierson, Fay School (MA)

Leif Riddington, Eaglebrook School (MA)

Kristofor Langetieg, Cardigan Mountain School (NH)

Location Name
Palazzo D
Session Type
All Levels, Boarding Schools, Day Schools, Student Educational Outcomes