The Businesses of Independent Schools, Part Tew - Secrets to a Successful Business / Admission Office Relationship
Date & Time
Friday, September 16, 2022, 10:45 AM - 11:45 AM
Chad Tew

Nurturing a healthy synergy between business and enrollment leaders has never been more important.  This session builds on insights from The Business of Independent Schools panel session and explores the key elements that underscore a successful CFO / Enrollment Director relationship. 

This husband-wife presenter team navigated that added professional interaction for a decade and evolved key strategies to empower the professional relationship that defines and secures the life-blood resources that keep the school going.  You’ll get a chance to rate your own admission/business office relationship and build skills to improve it. Participants will learn collaborative, market-based enrollment goal-setting strategies, build an appreciation for the challenges facing each side of the relationship, and explore tools to build a more reliable enrollment revenue stream for the school.

Chad Tew, Founder/CEO, LearnCollab (CA)

Laurel Baker Tew, Viewpoint School (CA)

Location Name
Palazzo A
Session Type
All Levels, Boarding Schools, Day Schools