Admissions Innovations We Learned During COVID That We Can't Give Up
Date & Time
Thursday, September 15, 2022, 10:45 AM - 11:45 AM

As much as we are done with Zoom interviews and Webinars, the Zoom meeting room is a dynamic and interactive platform that can connect applicants to specific school programs, focus and customize applicants' understanding of your school's resources and realities, and open access to many families who might not be able to visit your campus and have a personalized experience. In these past two years, St. Paul's School (SPS), a uniquely 100% boarding program has used the Zoom meeting format to present the fine arts department and its distinguished programs in visual arts, ballet, theater, and instrumental/choral music, and connected scores of interested applicants to program directors. Other programs highlighted are the specialized academics programs offered at SPS, such as the Applied Science & Engineering Program (ASEP), Classical Honors Program (CHP), and the Independent Studies Program (ISP). We also hosted a diversity yield meeting in this format. We were delighted that with a little bit of thought and creativity, Zoom meetings that allowed for smaller breakout rooms created opportunities for substantive exchange about important topics for prospective families, and we will continue to utilize this tool even as we move back to in-person operations.

Michelle Hung, St. Paul's School (NH)

Enrique Granados, St. Paul's School (NH)


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Mediterranean 8
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All Levels, Boarding Schools, Day Schools, DEIJ, Recruitment & Selection of New Students