Break Away From the Pack: Use Research for Retention and Recruitment
Date & Time
Thursday, September 15, 2022, 10:45 AM - 11:45 AM

In a crowded marketplace with so many excellent independent school choices, how do you set your school apart from the others? What makes your school, if not unique (how many of us are truly unique?), then at least distinct? Riverdale Country School embarked on a months-long project to research the opinions and experiences of our most important audiences—faculty, current students, and current families—as well as the thoughts of school leadership. We went on a fact-finding mission, not to clarify what Riverdale Admission and Communications professionals think and say about Riverdale, but what our “brand representatives” say about us. Combining this qualitative information with easily accessible quantitative data, we have been able to hone in on what exactly comprises the Riverdale Learning Experience. The resulting marketing collateral and assets more clearly communicate who we really are as a school community and target the new students and families who will thrive at this school. This session will include an explanation of how to gather this type of data and “show and tell” regarding how we’re using it, for example, through video, collateral, website, and presentations to our board, families, and prospective families.

Jenna King, Riverdale Country School (NY)

Pamela Ezell, Riverdale Country School (NY)

Location Name
Mediterranean 5
Session Type
All Levels, Boarding Schools, Day Schools, Market Research & Strategy